Picfairy is provided "as is" without any guarantee or insurance. The user is sole responsible for the use of the files generated by the application.


The application has different security features:

Also, despite all the efforts invested to make the application as secure a possible we recommend to only upload public files, i.e. images that are designed to be used on websites and publicly displayed.

As security features above cannot match real accounts with login through encrypted passwords.

How about cookies ?

Picfairy is using only essential cookies:

What about my data ?

Picfairy is not saving any personal data. Also Picfairy is not requesting any data from you and don't leverage any third party cookie either. Only the UUID randomly assigned by Picfairy on login is attached to each set of images. After 30 minutes, when images are deleted, no information is left in the database. Yet your unique UUID is kept in the appropriate cookie for further uploads.

And my IP address ?

Your IP address is used anonymously to mitigate potential DDOS attacks but is not saved anywhere nor associated with any user. It is not shared either nor is the subject of any treatment. It is cached for a moment in order to identify spamming IP addresses that can be throttled but deleted automatically from cache if not seen for a moment.